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The CICRA team is proud to announce the launch of our new blog,

Here you will find the news and views of the CICRA team. We will publish our thoughts related to the work we carry out with the regulation of telecommunications in both Guernsey and Jersey, post and ports in Jersey as well as issues and news related to our role as the competition authority in both islands.

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The Channel Islands Competition and Regulatory Authorities or 'CICRA' is the name given to the Jersey Competition Regulatory Authority and the Guernsey Competition and Regulatory Authority (formerly the Office of Utility Regulation).

The JCRA was established under the Competition Regulatory Authority (Jersey) Law, 2001, and the GCRA was established under the  Guernsey Competition and Regulatory Authority Ordinance, 2012. 

In Jersey, the telecoms, ports and postal sectors are regulated by the JCRA, which is also responsible for administering and enforcing the Competition (Jersey) Law 2005.

In Guernsey the telecoms, postal and electricity sectors are regulated by the GCRA, which is also responsible administering and enforcing The Competition (Guernsey) Ordinance, 2012. 

By working together, sharing resources and expertise between the islands, CICRA's aim is to ensure that consumers receive the best value, choice and access to high quality services, in addition to promoting competition and consumers' interests.

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